sabato 7 gennaio 2017

Beauty inspirations&Diy of the week - January 2017

Copper Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial: How to get thicker, longer and beautiful lashes with this simple growth serum!: beauty: 1 romantic valentine nail designs Resultado de imagen para smokey eyes paso a paso: 3 best DIY Bath Time Detox recipes - ginger detox, salt detox and clay detox....: xovonneyy: How to Highlight and Contour Your Whole Face: nail design: Correctores oscuros e iluminadores para perfilar nuestro rostro Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit "Kourt K" and metal gloss "King K": pink gatsby: @goldshorty ︻╦╤─: 6 speedier makeup tips from makeup pros - Page 2 of 4 - Trend To Wear: Plum or purple or fushia, idk what these colors are but I love these nails: You can keep it simple and beautiful.: Today's Look : "Like a Rainbow" -Linda Hallberg ( the name says it all... a magnificent array of colors! from nudes/yellows? to greens, to blues, to purples. A gorgeous eye paired with the perfect pop of pink on the lips with MAC lipstick in Silly: Striped Nail Art Design Picture 30: Using a spoon is a great way to get the perfect eye shadow crease!: French Tips with Snowflake Nail Art: @jasabella96: Brown & Purple Smokey Eye Pictorial: Valentines day nails red heart

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