giovedì 1 dicembre 2016

Winter fashion inspirations of the week - December 2016

Your wardrobe isn't complete without a leather jacket in your closet. If you're not a traditionalist, shop 6 not-so-basic leather jackets.: ☾ ωe αll нαve secяeтs // @badassqueen107 ☽: //hopequigley27: || ✧ LydiaRhiann: pinterest - @mylittlejourney ❁:  : ✱@nicolehanac ✱: Pinterest: @ A M I N A T A: ✧ pinterest: @aligreennn ✧:  : @rosesegan: Maxi wool dress City chic: How To Boho: NEW BOHEMIAN INSPIRATION: Petricor: //MariannaGonzalez!!! ❁: @PizzaAndScarves: @rosesegan: pinterest /// poppyrainn: ✧ wear: daniellieee123 ✧: Switching to Autumn/Winter - Some Outfit Inspiration: Bred drapery shirts like these, and blanket scarves. So effortless and cozy: #fashionismypassion:

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