lunedì 10 ottobre 2016

Home decor inspirations of the week - October 2016

Pink City Maze Pillow: Pinterest ---> unplannedmix: ed937de46c17318096397806c4833324.jpg 640×785 pixels: Wooden Sign - Little Bit of Coffee Whole Lot of Jesus Coffee by DRSignsDesigns: pillows: Simply Bekah | feelinhipsterxo: Bathroom Cup Holders | Organize Your Makeup With These 17 Cool DIY Organizer. From Repurposed Materials That Will Save You A Lot Of Space And Money! by Makeup Tutorials at We added much needed warmth and color to this space. The beautiful gray sofa and slipper chair are fabulous neutral furniture pieces we bought at HomeGoods! They are the perfect starting point for cozying up this sitting area. There's lots of texture in our pillows and throw, with textiles of linen, faux fur, and velvet. Then color. We kept it neutral with the added warmth of gold and the colorful pop of pink! Now this area is warm and inviting! Sponsored by HomeGood: Bright and White, even at night! I love the brightness white textures bring to a space, day or night.  Pillows, throws and accessories from HomeGoods.  Sponsored Pin.: Bright + Beautiful: We 2 Ladies always recommend choosing neutral color fabrics for big ticket furniture. Color fads come and go, but your big furniture pieces should last many years. You can still have fun with trendy colors with throws and pillows. All the furniture pieces here are from HomeGoods. Grey, white, and tan are fabulous neutral colors that are easy to accent with many different colors. Sponsored by HomeGoods: I like the pink accent color: Organization!: A neutral rug like this from @homegoods allows you to incorporate any color you want as the seasons change #homegoodshappy: We love the atmosphere a home has when we bring a bit of the outdoors inside! Love the accent pieces we picked up at HomeGoods for this coffee table vignette! A beautiful mirrored tray holds collectables and unifies our look. It also sparkles in candle light. Topiary plants are great if you don't have a green thumb. These HomeGoods topiarys are actually made out of preserved real leaves....the look is amazing. The glass vases are perfect for many uses. Sponsored by HomeGoods:

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