giovedì 20 ottobre 2016

Fall fashion inspirations - October 2016

Black on black: Scarf + sweater: Boho casual fall style - love the sweater and hat!: Many people are reluctant or refuse to wear any shoes or clothing made from animal products, so synthetic materials or natural fibers will be their preference. Heels of women's shoes are often raised in the thought that the lift will make them look more graceful, or thinner, but if this is accomplished at the expense of comfort, or even the health of her feet, it may not be a wise choice.: Sweater weather: Digging the slouchyness/edge of this outfit. I like the casual feel the sneakers give.: Winter Casual Fashion: 40 Styles To Adapt | se l'inverno è come quello passato ... devo attrezzarmi con gli stivali di gomma!: Just casual. #Fitgirlcode #outfit #fashion: 50 Flawless Fall/Winter Outfits | The Swag Fashion: Lovely comfy grey oversized cardi: #moda:
The perfect red hat: Adorable Ankle Jeans Looks For You: One of the reasons I like boutique style is because it's different than what you will see at the mall.: #streetstyle: #fashionismypassion: #falllayers: GET INSPIRED:  Τι Να Φορέσω Σήμερα? 100 Υπέροχα Outfits Μας Εμπνέoυν: <3<3: Estos son los pantalones vaqueros que iba a llevar en mis piernas. Son blue jeans apretado. Los pantalones vaqueros se ven muy bien con los talones.:

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