venerdì 28 ottobre 2016

DIY inspirations of the week - October 2016

Those old bar stools are in perfect condition and all they need is a little face lift! DIY an easy padded seat with foam and printed fabric and paint the legs for an updated look! This whole project will take under a whole hour to complete! ♡ half-up boho braids ♡: Ombre purple lips: Everything you need to know about the best makeup for brown eyes and which colors look the best. #makeup #beauty #eyeshadow: .This tasty oatmeal is so easy to make and so satisfying to eat! Mix all of the ingredients before bed and you'll have a delicious breakfast ready and waiting when you wake up.: cute tank top pattern - looks pretty easy to sew and looks similar to my favorite cotton tank/undershirt.: 15 DIY Projects to Make Your Home Look Classy: Pigtail Braids Hair Tutorial | Kassinka | Bloglovin’: Eyeshadow for brown eyes: Handmade slippers tutorial and pattern. For more sewing patterns and tutorials, visit Love plum and white color, nails entirely too long.: Fashion Templates for Measure: PANTS / JACKETS                                                                                                                                                      Más: Je pensais mettre de la mousse, mais la ouate c'est aussi bien.: Step By Step Makeup: Creative Ideas - DIY Pearl Beads Ball Christmas Ornaments: Kassinka-Hair-Tutorial-Pull-Through-Braid-Ponytail:

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