lunedì 1 agosto 2016

Home decor inspirations of the week - July 2016

Modern but also slightly retro in feel, the sleek custom vanity pairs perfectly with the leather-upholstered Arteriors chair.: NEUTRAL HEAVEN - Interior Design and Mood Creation: The Bohemian Garden: Herringbone tile, black Dutch door | Brooks & Falotico: Oh my, I'm in love with wall, chandelier, bedding, everything in this room!: white kitchen /: Obsessed! Lovely walk in closet.: laundry drying rack -: At Home | Jed Lind Jessica de Ruiter: Greek steps leeding to a magical sunny terrace w/ breathtaking view!: If you're lucky enough to have a backyard, you may be considering ideas for one of the latest trends for the American home: a cooking outside. Outdoor kitchens come in all kinds of varieties, from elaborate affairs with multiple cooking surfaces to simple DIY setups with just a sink and a grill. Whatever you have in mind, we're sure you'll find something to inspire you in one of these nine examples.: Thoughts from Alice: Boho Eclectic Fall Home Tour with Rugs USA's Marrakesh Shag rug: craftsman bungalow bathroom renovations | Bungalow Renovation 1 | Liska Architects:  : amazing mix of texture - wood paneled pavers surrounded by river rock ground cover - L O V E:  : cabinet color!: I like this for an outdoor party, you could even submerge some cut flowers instead of plants, party decor, table decor.: TIP! Put a full-length mirror in a corner. It doesn't get any simpler than this and it's an excellent choice if you can't put holes in your walls to mount it. Add lights at your own discretion, though we highly encourage it! via @POPSUGARHome: cool stuff for teens | Trying to select the right plastic furniture for teen rooms can be a ...:  : DIY Planter Pot Table Combo for the Patio: French Country Cottage: Workspace | Home Office Details | Ideas for #homeoffice | Interior Design | Decoration | Organization | Architecture | Desk:

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