lunedì 27 giugno 2016

Home decor inspirations of the week - June 2016

How to Mix Multiple Rugs In The Same Room: Tom Dixon's Copper Shade is a lesson in elegance using form and purity of materials. I also like how he's taken an old world material traditionally used for cookware, and applied it to this thoroughly modern application - pendant lighting. #TomDixon #CopperShade: Gallery Wall Inspiration: Eclectic Layouts:  : Gray couch: Love the gallery wall: Copper: ikea Expedit shelve styling - this might be great in the living room as overflow storage for kitchen items, or even in dining against kitchen window wall!: I absolutely adore the copper trend right now and with this light grey walls it just looks amazing <3: Mirrors bring in light & make the space look bigger: Use a collection of various mirrors on a wall to make a small apartment or condo look larger! | Simply Ciani: IKEA Fan Favorite: MONGSTAD mirror. Add depth and beauty to any hallway with this mirror, which can be hung horizontally or vertically.: Transform a MALM dresser into a glamorous show-stopping piece for your living room! See this DIY project on Amanda Carol at home blog.: bathroom storage styling - ikea expedit shelf: Nice floors.: Need storage? This Expedit from IKEA has maximum storage and design appeal!: Style by Emily Henderson - A Modern Makeover with method: IKEA Hack: Transforming Expedit Shelves with paint sticks! — Amy Krist:

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