sabato 11 giugno 2016

Home decor inspirations of the week - June 2016

modern-wood-and-glass-australian-beach-house-1.jpg Floor to ceiling glass windows to capture a view.: Bed in the corner... Humm I may have to move my bed again and see if it works for our room: Natural light perfect for sewing dark colours | Workspace | Home Office Details | Ideas for #homeoffice | Interior Design | Decoration | Organization | Architecture | White Desk | Chair: black and white kitchen:  : * placement in back corner* Elegant home office style 7 30 Creative Home Office Ideas: Working from Home in Style: Det er et af de mest fotograferede og populære danske hjem på instagram – Hun hedder Pernille, og hun elsker indretning og dansk design. Hun bor i Holsterbro samme med hendes familie. Pernille har over 31.000 følgere på instagram, under navnet @krea_pernille, måske følger du hende allerede? Vi besøgte hende først på sommeren, og fotograferede hendes hjem til vores sidste nr. af Boligcious Lookbook Her kommer lidt billeder fra Pernilles...#home #bedroom: Gravity Home : Lovely Gothenburg Apartment Tiny House - Minim House. Apparently, you buy and build this. Completed units available soon. | Tiny Homes: Tiny, cozy haven. Maybe when I'm old and grey I will live in a place like this. ;-): Wow - this is a beautiful tiny house!!: Just a tiny house...:  : Groovy New Tiny House with Full-Size Appliances Can Sleep 8 - Tiny Living - Curbed National: Can we have this in the cabin/tiny house?: The best tiny house,cozy interior. Cottage,cabin.:

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