giovedì 12 maggio 2016

DIY inspirations of the week - May 2016

Update your kitchen cabinets in 3 easy steps. With Rust-Oleum paint, you can give your kitchen a new, refreshed look. Save time and money with this DIY tutorial on The Home Depot Blog.: diy: Nail art: How to Make Mini Tassels. DIY Washi Tape Mani Ideas | Mount a DIY shoe rack to organize your high heels using a curtain rod and Command™ Large Decorative Hooks. Create one row, or several rows depending on how many pairs of heels you have. It’s a great use of wall space and eliminates taking up floor space in a bedroom or closet.: DIY: clay bunny bowls: This DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Rack is Just Awesome for Shoe Storage - Pequeña estantería con cajas de madera / Via Linda Hallberg "No 92" purple liner- this woman is a makeup sensei I'm telling you.: Make a To Do List | Easy Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks: How to make a tassel necklace: DIY - Lace nail tutorial.: Dare to DIY: IDEA DIY: Labios de encaje: Hey friends! I am LOVING how this next piece turned out! I have been wanting something big and beefy for my entryway, and this console table fits the bill. It’s a beast. And it’s beautiful. Check out my new DIY Industrial Cart Console Table! You can download and print the FREE PLANS by clicking HERE, and I will walk you through the entire build below. And, let’s talk cost. The cost of lumber on this was around $70. The casters do add to the cost, but I and was still able to stay under ...: Love this makeup: DIY halter sweatshirt.  Would work with a T-shirt, too.:

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