martedì 19 aprile 2016

Home decor inspiration of the week - April 2016

 : Pretty colors: Fashion books for my bedroom bookcase: Caitlin Wilson Coral Deco Pillow| Perfect master bedroom from Jillian Harris: beautiful, feminine bedroom. loving the mirrored side tables: My Idea Of A Princess Room - Add Kati3: Elina Dahl's home - clever use of picture ledges.: Dark bedroom walls: This is one gorgeous living space! Get the look with the Normann Tablo Table in white and a scattering of Hay Dot Cushions: bedroom: /: Elina Dahl cozy corner: Loving Gold Paper... maybe use as drawer liner, in closet, or behind a shelf??? [Petal Pusher (Gold) in the bedroom maybe on a bookshelf]: MY BEDROOM MAKEOVER: Pink Peonies' closet/office: designlovefest bedroom makeover | digging the little round dorm shelving by ferm living’s: Really girly chanel vintage decor white roses for the living room, pink for the bedroom: white & lights: Cozy and light:

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