giovedì 28 aprile 2016

DIY Inspirations of the week - April 2016

DIY Flowers: Декупаж - Сайт любителей декупажа - DCPG.RU | Декорируем поднос декупажной картой decoupage art handmade home decor craft tutorial DIY do it yourself: DIY Wild Flowers: [Mei Mei cloth flower petals DIY] yet another super beautiful fabric flower DIY approach!  Hands-on fun, but if you just looked at do not feel it, and quickly act it ~: diy clothes | DIY clothes by kenaash  So pretty! I am definitely going to try this out!: Декупаж - Сайт любителей декупажа - DCPG.RU | Декоративное сито. Новый кракелюр кантри и декупаж по металлу Click on photo to see more! Нажмите на фото чтобы увидеть больше! decoupage art craft handmade home decor DIY do it yourself tutorial Materials and techniques: acrylic paint decoupage card stencil patina etc.: Поднос "С оливками" (декупаж):  : Tissue Pom Poms:  : diy 'mood' mugs: DIY Cork coasters.: Easy coaster:

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