sabato 12 marzo 2016

Spring fashion inspirations - March 2016

 : Kendall Jenner keeps it cozy in a white turtleneck and soft grey beanie, adding some edge with a fringed leather jacket, distressed jeans and pointed pumps: maroon pants: Blue button up, leopard cardi: Plaid scarf and stripes - causal Fall outfit: brown lace up boots, black leggings, striped shirt, denim shirt, red circle scarf: Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Leather skinnies, taupe open knit draped sweater, killer brown leather bag, great flats.: Skinnies:
KIM KARDASHIAN photo | Kim Kardashian: 23 Street Chic – Street Style Fashion: Sweatshirt, skinny jeans, leopard flats: a sweater + leopard scarf + tulle skirt: I want yellow pants: Mint, Navy and Grey:
seaside. , preppy, nautical, balenciaga, stripes, blazer: casual style:
Shirt, pants, shoes :): Peplum jacket…always flattering..:
yellow && heather gray: Turquoise and leopard:
fall prep:
Fabulous jacket, scarf and leggings for fall. She's not plus size but its an easy outfit to put together.: I've never believed that girl who have bare legs and huge jackets and boots in the winter are actually warm. But, for me, with a pair of jeans instead of the miniskirt, I love the look.:

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