mercoledì 17 febbraio 2016

Winter fashion inspirations - February 2016

cute!: blue sweater, cream shirt, gold necklace, black leggings,studded-flats...cute comfy outfit: Hamptons Knit Sweater: Layers.: Love this sweater cost. Tan, grey, charcoal. Great for everyday!: Comfy!: Chunky Sweaters 2012: Whisper grey + white: elbow patches: Love these Sam Edelman booties for fall. Super comfortable and chic, not to mention they go with pretty much everything. @Nordstrom:  : love these leopard flats: The heart elbow patches on this sweater are too cute! #RocketDog #Style: Very Classy! Gray Combo with Reverse Negative Design: Slouchy sweaters, lace & thigh high boots.: Grande Navy Fedora with large brim by MuDuLondon on Etsy, £45.00 -- >>>>>I think this is my second fav. I like it in black!: Skinny jeans, light blue button up shirt, black leather jacket, black beanie, white converse sneakers:  : That #Burgundy by Lovely Pepa: Taupe Knit Poncho Sweater by Extra Petite: Cozy:

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