venerdì 25 dicembre 2015

Merry Christmas to you!

Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo 2015. Tips for a prettier tree: Mini Gingerbread Houses... for your coffee/hot cocoa. DIY: button embellished #Christmas ball: nail design nail designs t: Personalized Snow Globe - 12 Magnificent Mason Jar Christmas Decorations You Can Make Yourself: VillaPaprika -: Lanterns with Whitby, North Yorkshire, England: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Loving Your #Coffee: DIY Sock Snowman Ornament | Click Pic for 20 DIY Christmas Decorations for Home Cheap | DIY Christmas Decorations Dollar Store: Weißer Winter Wohnzimmer Wohnideen: christmas decor: DIY - Paper cut Winter Village. This winter village has a mountain scape in the background with little village houses, clock towers, light poles and trees in the front two layers. The cut also features a bridge and deer, a rabbit and fox.: I love this! Every Christmas my mother and I would ogle at the gingerbread houses in Southern Living when I was little and our favorites are still in a huge recipe box!: These are fantastic ideas - I'm going to start making some for Christmas! 25 DIY handmade gifts people actually want.: Hey Everyone! I hope youve been having a wonderful December so far, and have enjoyed the...: All snowed in. Maybe a cup of hot chocolate would be nice and just sit by this window ♥: Beautiful Christmas home decor - Love the snowy cranberry mason jar centerpieces!: Recipe: Snowy Chocolate Pinecones (made from nutella and cereal): Hot chocolate in an enamel mug by Ruth Black: December 6th. Behind today's door you'll find an inspirational picture of how you can decorate your living room this Christmas. Bring out the blankets, light the fireplace (or just a lot of candles), and gather your family and friends for a round of your favourite board game!: #Natal #Christmas #Navidad:

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