martedì 31 marzo 2015

Fashion DIY of the week

Spruce up your old white jeans with this easy and affordable DIY tie dye denim.La "Joya" del Titanic...DIY Holiday Pearl Statement NecklaceDIY Pearl Cluster Statement NecklaceThe instructions are so simple: sew two scarves together into one long one and trim the tassels from those ends make approx. 6 even pleats by sewing the scarf to itself creating a loop as pictured flatten the loops/pleats and tie a ribbon or string around the middle (I tied with yarn and then hot glued two of the tassels I trimmed off around it.)
Comic Book Shoes – Tutorial... or, what to do with the extra Love & Rockets I have in my bottom drawer... Go Los BrosHappy Home Made Stuff: DIY necklace with beads. Easy tutorialDIY Apron - I like this top shape my mom wants me to make her an apron and this is super cute!DIY, DIY Fashion, DIY Necklace, DIY bib, DIY bib necklace, DIY embellished necklace, DIY embellishment, DIY jewelry, DIY blogDIY Crystal Pendant Necklace, DIY! The Most Beautiful NECKLACE – Do It Yourself IdeasDIY Faux geodeJewelry Display Craft Show | Craft Show Display Ideas – Cool Examples And Tips! | Craft Maker Pro ...DIY Statement Gem Necklace | Wander & Hunt.: DIY: Envelope ClutchVERY simple tulle skirt tutorial, would be cute for a slip under a too short skirt as well.DIY: Chain bib necklace,Mini Bubble Necklace ,Bib Necklace, Bubble Necklace, Bib Necklace, Statement Necklace,Wedding Necklace. Shop the latest collection of bib necklace from the most popular stores
.what an idea.....if only I could get enough energy and motivation to actually do..

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