giovedì 19 marzo 2015

Beauty DIY of the week - March 2015

Isadora NEW PALETTE + TUTORIAL // In Isadora nua collection "mismerizing" you will find two super fine palettes!How to Get Rid of Deep Wrinkles Around the MouthhairstyleBun -- Things needed:  Clear Elastic, Bobby Pins & Some Good Hairspray. 1) Tease the crown of your head to get some volume (I personally don’t tease my hair often but it will look nice regardless) 2) Divide your hair into 2 sections 3) Twist the left side all the way to the tip & coil it up into a bun in the middle of your head & secure it with a clear elastic & a few bobby pins 4) Twist the other side all the way down & wrap that section around the first bun & secure it with a few more bobby pins. 5) Spray a bit of hairspray (I like a messier style so I pull some strands out & use fewer bobby pins. If you want a neater bun, you could slick your hair back and only twist the lower part of your hair or just twist the entire set of hair more tightly, use more bobby pins & any hair accessory you like)The Perfect Smoky Eye for Your Eye ShapeHow To: Brow Tutorial.... in awe. how are they so perfect #browsSo cute! The elastic in the second pic is such a good idea, the ends of my hair always come out when I do a French twist.One of my favorite winter looks to wear! So simple with minimal shadows! Perfect for t... | Use Instagram online! Websta is the Best Instagram Web Viewer!Wonderful Red and Gold with Black Eyeliner Makeup Tutorials / Best LoLus Makeup FashionFlex out twistGlamorous Glitter Eye Makeup For NYE-02NAKED 3 SMOKEY EYE | The Naked 3 pallet is great for creating soft and rosy eye looks.Makeup Tutorials | Helen Torsgården – Hiilens sminkbloggTUTORIAL - Blackened eyeliner with silver lining

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