giovedì 22 gennaio 2015

Nails tutorials

You’ve got your marching orders ladies. Watch this contemporary camo nail art tutorial.Flower Corner Nail Art by Legojenta from Nail Art GalleryIce Cream/Cupcake Nail Art Tutorial. Head over to for more fun and cute nail art designs! is a community of beauty bloggers, professionals, brands and beauty enthusiasts! #nails #nailpolish #polish #nailart #naildesign #cute #fun #pretty #howto #tutorial #beauty #icecream #cupcakeDo you want fries with that? #nailart #tutorialEasy nail art!DotsJINsoon #Halloween 'Ghostly Horro' nail inspo. Get the look:  Preparation Step: Apply a coat of JINsoon Power Coat.  Step 1: Apply JINsoon Nocturne on each nail.  Step 2: At the tips of the nail draw ghostly shapes with JINsoon Kookie White (the kind of ghost is up to your imagination) Step 3: With the very tip of the brush, dot JINsoon Nocturne where you would like the eyes to be.  Step 5: To finish it off apply a coat of JINsoon Top Gloss.Get the #Ciate Love Sick look with the Haute House Collection. #Nailart #Nails #BeautyTHE FADE OUT MANICURE - The ombré trend lives on. Find out how to get this look on the #Sephora Glossy>Make your own nail wraps with nail polish...xTutorial manicura uñas mexicanas calaveras de colores fluor que brillan en la oscuridad. visita para saber más Nail tutorial manicure mexican sugarskull glow in the dark. visit to see more.Tutorial designed and shot by Jenn of Jenn's Nails jennsnails.tumblr.comHow to do Leopard Print Nails.JINsoon #Haloween 'Wrenching Horror'. Apply a coat of JINsoon Power Coat. 1: Apply JINsoon Kookie White on each nail. 2: Wipe off all the liquid from the brush on the neck of the bottle and with varying short strokes apply JINsoon Coquette from top to bottom of the nail. Tip: Change up how long the strokes are for a more realistic effect and don't be afraid to blot it in a few places. 3:Go over the strokes you made with Coquette with JINsoon Audacity in the same way, but apply it in less places.Drip Nails TutorialDIY Nail Art | Nails ~ Autumn #nail #nails #nailart @Kaley Kelsey , this is very fall/autumn, but Im also thinking this would be good for Catching Fire!!!!!Make sparks fly with this festive fireworks nail art tutorial. #nail #design #art

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