martedì 6 gennaio 2015

Beauty hacks, quick and easy

Beauty Hacks IG final Six Easy and Cheap Beauty HacksMakeup : DIY Lip Scrub  Makeup tips and ideas#DIY beauty recipes ... These are great. Except, NEVER use baking soda on your face. It causes micro tears that is terrible for your skin!This will save me some time!Tips for How to Get Rid of Blackheads | Medi Tricks15 Nail Polish Tips and Tricks For A Perfect DIY manicure! Some of these are really helpful!rK's Beauty & Fashion Blog: DIY Baking Soda Mask with Orange Juice and HoneyNatural Way To Whiten Yellow Nails – A Quick Trick to Make your Nails Look Whiter | Beauty and MakeUp TipsThis is a GREAT website with lots of at-home skin and hair care remedies! Check it out!6 Tips How to Grow Your Hair Faster and ThickerDIY Warming Rub For Sore MusclesOkay, i know this isnt makeup OR hair, but i totally believe this is crucial for any girl to know. Seriously, totally trying this.

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