sabato 8 novembre 2014

Fall fashion inspiration 2014 - November

Boho Chic - Street Stylex fashion nerd x
GucciGarde robe <3.    canada goose just need $169.99 cool winter style
oshh love#Red  by Fashion Hippie Loves => Click to see what she wearsPalermo opened Liverpool's Beauty Bazaar in a white topper, pearl studs, gold bracelets, leather leggings and bright heels
Lots of detail and layers. .. Red button blazer / scarf in leopard print/ chambray blouse/ darkwash skinny jeans /riding boots! CUTEThat dress...
trendsWhy's there always so damn much jewelry in these pictures? I would never wear all of this.turquoise + gold rings.
Fashion for Women over 40 Archives - Page 5 of 19 - Walking in Grace and Beautyscarves | framboise fashion
Like it ;)Gucci Ralph Fashion Week New York Fall / Winter 2014/15. #rtw #dress #gucci
Love the #BootiesFrench actress & singer Alma Jodorowsky's red lips, easy style & air-dried waves scream chic, Parisian It-girl.

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