martedì 7 ottobre 2014

Fashion DIY of the week

31 Useful And Most Popular DIY Ideas maybe just do lace on the top half or sleeves. or bottom sidesDIY Collar Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and TwitterDIY fashionable bracelet. You can really make this bracelet mean something, that's why it's so great.DIY CLOTHES DIY REFASHION bandeau from old leggings DIY Clothes Refashion: DIY This would make a cool workout shirtDIY shirt...Amanda Kern are we talented enough to do this to our green shirts for Sat??? Cuz that would be awesome!Switch up how you wear your string bikini shirt. XD OMGOSH so gorgeous. I don't even care that I don't have the body for this I am so doing this and wearing it!!10 Useful DIY Fashion Ideas  (the one I pinned is a beautiful #Hoodie #Poncho #DIY)diy : bowDIY Two Tutorials for the Bina Brianca Wrap. It can be worn as a scarf, cardigan, poncho, blouse, shrug, stole, turtleneck, shoulder scarf, back wrap, tunic...

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