domenica 31 agosto 2014

Beauty inspirations

mint + peachrose gold hair highlightsTeal wing #eyeshadow #eye #makeup #eyes #dramaticLayered Rings & Black Nail Polish.pretty faceLipsLove this beautiful look, "Peacock’s Love" By Gajewska.wiktoria on Makeup GeekMint studded7 Hottest Dark Red Hair Color For 2014 | Hairstyles |Hair Ideas |UpdosBeautiful brows and eye makeup for blue eyes!Different✨․լ̰́ӭ̣̍T̺͆'§͈̊․‷ᗰ̲̗a⃞Ƙ̏ɝ͎ ੫̼̊ᖘ̇‴․✨The Chunky French Fishtail TutorialPrevious pinner said : Product Rave!! I can't quit the Maybelline Whisper lipstick in Lust For Blush I literally wear it to school every single day and it's the perfect color. I use MAC Stripdown liner underneath. A round of applause for Maybelline - @thebeautybox1211- #webstagramThick layered hair. ❤️❤️Cool Twist on a French Manicure with zig zag

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