lunedì 5 maggio 2014

Beauty tutorial

the art of contouring and highlightingred and black ombre #lips the perfect red #lipstick itContouring and Highlighting guide for your face shapeFormas de ojos y cómo maquillarlosWith Just Add Makeup we do eyes first. This ensures fly away shadow doesnt stick to foundation... re-applying foundation is time lost!The BEST eye shadow colors that compliment YOUR eyes!!!1) Outline the bottom with eyebrow pencil. 2) Outline the top. 3) Fill in leaving a little bit blank. 4) Using an angled brush fill in with brown eyeshadow. 5) Remove excess of product on your brush and brushing upwards gently fill in the blank spot for a “natural look” 6) Using a concealer brush clean the edges with a little bit of concealer. 7) Blend in the concealer and you’re done!Make up:)
What Is Face Contouring?: We have understood what face contouring is all about and its basic rulesEyeliner tutorial using a spoon by nayigu

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