venerdì 11 aprile 2014

Fashion kids

stylish kids How Cute Is This: Fashion Kids Instagram Showcases Pint Sized Fashion PlatesFirst week of school and BedStuy has decided to "personalize" the school uniform. Unfortunately, the school administration loved the new look and added it to the approved uniform list. BedStuy is so over this failed rebellion.thanks to snowmageddon, the littles first playdate of the year had to be done via teleconference. however, this did not stop them from putting their best fashion foot forward...Mini outfitMini outfitMini outfitMini outfitFashion for kidsMini outfitAccesoriesMini outfitMini outfitMini outfitMiniOutfitMiniOutfitLittle black dressMini outfitNice outfitsLucite is glad for a break from all this cold and snow for a weekend whale watching trip with his mama. He loves these mother-son bonding trips, right @Melissa Love-Tristan ?BedStuy's thoughts have turned towards warmer late Spring.BedStuy and Pantone believe that there is no limit to denim's potential if you style it creatively.

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