mercoledì 12 marzo 2014

Beauty tutorial 2014

Nama je ljubav lozinkaPerfect brows in 3 minutes or even less1 - Apply the color Habit below the eyebrow  2 - Apply the color Rewind blending in the crease  3 - Apply the color Smokeout in the outer corner and blend in the crease  4 - Apply the color Coax in the middle of the mobile eyelid  5 - Apply the color Shellshock in the inner corner 6 - In the botton part blend the color Smokeout and Coax  7 - Line your eyes and in the waterline apply a Black motivesThe Colorblock Manicure | Beauty TutorialsALS shading op de buitenste streep, Denk OOK er: - use of Altijd de Donkere kleur op de buitenste streep. - Shadow kleur ALS EEN zijwaarts "V. ..Pink And Yellow Triangle Nails Art TutorialNaked 3 paletteI already have thick brows. But I still love filling them in. Love the drama it gives. Makes such a difference!#obsessedwitheyes #motives #makeup. Pressed eye shadows in Gold Rush, Onyx, and EcstasyA Simple French Manicure TutorialHAIR - GET CATTY EYES TUTORIAL - Beauty Tutorials

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