mercoledì 9 ottobre 2013

Fall inspiration 2013 12

Denim shirt#FallintoAutumnFall FashionFall NeutralsFall Preppy FashionFall FashionStatement necklace over blackfashion accessoriesTeal and grey:)Like the solid black; plus a white outer wearAll together now.  With new Gap dress.The layered look at its finest. It is a perfect example of how to style faux furThis whole look is perfect. with the splash of yellow, makes it look right out of a drawing bookThis look can make anyone feel strong and confident. The bag draws everything in placeOne day ill be putting this outfit together, or who knows maybe ill be the photographer. I mean hey Lifes full of choices :DCombination of structure and unstructured. Fashion finds you in the hardest of times.This is the perfect look for when your just out and strolling about, but also wanting to look fashionable, The tights are the perfect touchPerfect! I adore how this style was put together. Its layered in a way where the girl is comfortable and warm, but without over doing the layering!I absolutely adore how the 50s are coming back into style! My year right here.Fall fashion ... Love this belt over scarf thing!!Cute#FallintoAutumn

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