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When it comes to the language of home décor, we’re all about speaking with an accent…in this case we’re talking fab tie-dye patterns that scream fun anywhere you choose to put them. Give some old throw-pillows a throwback makeover with this seventies-inspired print that never goes out of style! 

To create: For a bullseye pattern, pinch top layer of fabric from the center of the pillow cover. Next, wrap a rubber band around every 2 to 4 inches of the fabric, creating sections to block out the dyes and create the pattern. Wearing gloves, mix dyes as directed on the package. Over a sink, squeeze dye onto both sides of the cover, alternating colors on each section. Wring out excess liquid and allow the colors to set for 10 minutes. Use scissors to snip rubber bands. Lay cover flat on paper until dry, then insert a pillow. P.S.- wash pillow covers separately the first few times and don’t allow the dyed fabric to rest wet on other items!

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 P.S.- tie dye nails from chalkboardnails
Great designers often draw inspiration from their cultural heritage, and none so consistently and vibrantly as Dolce & Gabbana. Season after season, their collections paint a colorful portrait of Italian culture, history and lifestyle, and the Sicilian-inspired looks of Spring/Summer 2013 are definitely no exception. Prints that recall street theater puppets and Italian plate motifs mix with beachy stripes to tell a chic seaside story…but as you might predict, our crafty eye was firmly focused on the adorably ornate raffia earrings that accented each look. Bring la dolce vita to your jewelry box with this DIY version we whipped up with Who What Wear!

To create: Use pliers to attach three jump rings to the bottom of each filigree earring, or create your own earring using a filigree finding and earring wire. Next, string an assortment of raffia pieces (approximately 4” to 6” long) through each jump ring. Create a tassel by folding each raffia bunch in half at the center; then wrap and knot another piece of raffia around the head of each bundle. String rose quartz, lapis, wooden beads and pom poms onto a piece of wire and loop through the filigree to embellish. Secure embellishment by knotting leftover wire to the backside of the filigree.  

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The two tone trend is everywhere; from fingers, to frocks to locks…but why stop there? When it comes to fun in the sun, two is always better than one…so grab a friend and that bin of bright nail polishes (we know you have one) to add some shade to your shades! Watch this DIY go down on our new series on, “Pretty Savvy” presented by Jeep! Get inspired all Summer long as Erica presents a collection of j’amazing new projects; from fresh fashions to artsy accessories and more.  

To create: Use paper tape to separate the top half from the bottom of the sunglasses. Using your first nail polish color, paint on an even layer onto the top half of the sunglasses. If the lacquer appears opaque, paint an additional layer. Remove the tape and paint the bottom half with an alternate nail polish color. For a glossy finish, apply a top coat.

This summer enter the “Pretty Savvy” Sweepstakes for the chance to win a weekly prize of $500 and a Grand Prize of $1,000! Click here to find out all the details!

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To all the ladies in the place with style & grace…what’s better for turning a smart pair of shorts into a summertime staple than a little bit of lace? Let’s face it, you can’t wear your favorite jean cut-offs every day…so take a cue from Rag & Bone, who prove that a touch of this delicate fabric can add ladylike charm while maintaining a smart & stylish feel. Join us along with Who What Wear as we start the season off right with this sweet & sassy finish! 

To create: Cut two pieces of lace trim long enough to wrap around each leg opening with fabric scissors. Fasten trim to the inside of the shorts with straight pins. Lastly, sew the trim to the inside of the shorts to secure using a needle and thread. 

Get down with DIY and a dope playlist
CLICK HERE for the P.S.- I made this..Playlist
Curated by The Jane Doze

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